Normandy Vision News Update
Issue: February 25th 2011
Prospective Missionaries
An American couple in their fifties have expressed an interest in and a desire to work with Normandy Vision as missionaries in Normandy. We are currently exploring together where the Lord is leading, what it would mean in practical terms, both for the couple themselves and for Normandy Vision, and how they could best serve the Lord in that large region of France.
The husband is currently serving as Senior Pastor at an evangelical church in New England, having trained and done various post-graduate courses at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the US. His wife is a teacher of French at High School level who as part of her training has studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. She even gets accused of being French by the French in France!
They plan to visit the UK and Normandy in June this year in order to explore further what it would mean to be a missionary in Normandy. In Normandy they will not only learn more about the context in which they would be ministering if they did become missionaries there, but also have an opportunity to meet pastors and Christians in that region.
They have visited France on several occasions, both on holiday and also with groups of students and young people. The talents that they have and the experience that they have had in serving the Lord over a period of many years in various ministries will be of enormous value in Normandy, both in reaching out with the Gospel and Christian love to the unbelievers and also in building up and encouraging believers in their walk with the Lord.
Please pray for them and Normandy Vision over the next few months as we seek the Lord's direction and work through all the practical issues together.
Where can I get more information?
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