Normandy Vision News Update
Expo-Bible Houlgate Bible Exhibition, Summer 2013
Houlgate, Normandy
Wednesday August 7th to
Wednesday August 21st
This year sees the Sixth Annual Bible Exhibition held at the Temple Protestant, home of the Eglise Evangélique d'Houlgate, which sits right on the edge of the beach. The previous five years have seen almost 3,000 visitors given the opportunity to discover the Bible and the gospel for themselves - perhaps for the very first time.
Location MapIt seemed for a while that the Expo would not be able to go ahead this summer because of difficulties in putting a team together. Normandy Vision would particularly like to thank Paul Cooke, the UK director of France Mission, for his kind help in sending information about our need for helpers at this year's exhibition to France Mission's UK supporters. We would also like to thank UBM and their Missions Vacances group for directing people to Normandy Vision who might be interested in helping a this year's exhibition. As a result we now have a team in place and the exhibition is going ahead.
The team will be on site from around Saturday, August 3rd through to Monday, August 26th. Team members will be there for different parts of the exhibition, so please pray for comings and goings, and for the team members all working together. Setting up of the Expo will be on Monday and Tuesday of the first week (August 5th and 6th), ready to open to the public at 12 noon on the Wednesday (7th). The exhibition will stay open until Wednesday, August 21st, with Thursday and Friday (August 22nd and 23rd) being set aside for dismantling the Expo and returning the church to its normal state! As during previous years we will also be holding Sunday morning worship services in English for visitors to the area.
If you would like to help out at the Expo this summer, it is not too late to volunteer!
In particular we need someone able to play the keyboard for our English-language services on the two Sundays August 18th and 25th.
Bible for 1.50 eurosWe will be giving away large numbers of tracts and Gospels again this year and we have a bookstall where visitors can buy Bibles or Christian books on a large range of topics. Most of the books that we have available to sell are supplied by CLC in France on a sale or return basis.

We will have complete paperback French Bibles to sell for 1.50€ (currently equivalent to around £1.30 or 2.00$), but we would like to have a supply that we could give away to visitors who haven't got a Bible but who in conversation with team members show a desire to read the Bible for themselves.
What vital resources for use at the Exhibition will £10.00 buy? Up to 200 tracts
40 individual Gospels
10 booklets explaining the Bible or the gospel
7 complete paperback French Bibles
If you would like to help Normandy Vision purchase resources that can be given to visitors to the exhibition to help them understand more of the Bible and the gospel, please get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to hear from you!
Normandy Vision UK Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, No. 1116858 We can be contacted at 13 Danbury Vale, Danbury, Essex CM3 4LA, United Kingdom.