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April 30th 2014
Bible Exhibition Expo-Bible 2014
Expo-Bible Houlgate 2014
The seventh annual Bible Exhibition will be held in Houlgate Evangelical Church in the sea-side town of Houlgate. The exhibition will be open to the public for a period of two weeks from Wednesday, August 6th through to Wednesday, August 20th.

The team will be on site at Houlgate from Saturday, August 2nd through to Monday, August 25th.
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Helpers Wanted
Helpers are needed at this year's Expo-Bible in Houlgate. Are you an evangelical Christian with conversational French skills? Would you like to spend some time this summer serving the Lord right on the edge of a beach in Normandy? If so, then visit our Expo-2014 Helpers Information page where you will find more information about helping at the exhibition.
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How can I be involved?
Praying for the exhibition, for the people helping to run it, for the visitors who come to see it, that they might be touched by the Bible's message, and discover the one to whom the Bible is pointing.

Coming over to Normandy to be personally involved for some or all of the time. There are plenty of tasks that need doing before, during and after the exhibition!

Helping with the costs associated with putting on the exhibition and providing all the materials needed.
English Services
As during previous summers we will be holding English-language services at Houlgate Evangelical Church during the period of the Expo-Bible. These will be held on August 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. The services begin at 9.00am. The church begins its Sunday French services at 10.30am.
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Ryan and Dana Powell
Ryan and Dana Powell are a missionary couple from the USA who are in France as church-planters. They will be taking part in this year's Expo-Bible at Houlgate as part of our ministry to reach people in Normandy this summer with the gospel.
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Expo-Bible Houlgate
The Bible Exhibition is a marvellous way to reach out to French people and to other nationalities also in a way that is culturally acceptable and also very effective. In addition to the many French visitors, we have had visitors from the UK, the USA, Holland, Germany, South America, the Far East, the Middle East - and many more places besides.

The exhibition takes visitors through the Bible, its history, its message and its contents. At the heart of the exhibition is the message of the Gospel, of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross to save sinners. It concludes with testimonies from those who have found new life in Christ, and recommendations that visitors should read the Bible for themselves in order to find out more about it and its contents and particularly about the one to whom the Bible points: the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to the nearly forty exhibition panels, there is also a display of Bibles in many different languages and from many periods of history.

There are various display stands that offer visitors the chance to choose their own free leaflets and Gospels. There is also a book stall where visitors can buy from a range of Bibles and Christian books. One version of the Bible that we have available is described as "A Bible for the price of a cup of coffee" and it costs €1.50, which is about £1.25. There are also opportunities for team members to talk with visitors, to answer their questions, to explain aspects of the Christian faith, and to share their testimony.
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