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Expo-Bible 2014 Houlgate

Expo-Bible 2014

The seventh annual Bible Exhibition - Expo-Bible - will take place this summer in the seaside town of Houlgate in Normandy, north-western France. The exhibition will be open to the public for a period of two weeks from Wednesday, August 6th through to Wednesday, August 20th.

Wednesday August 6th to Wednesday August 20th 2014

The Bible Exhibition is a marvellous way to reach out to French people and to other nationalities also in a way that is culturally acceptable and also very effective. In addition to the many French visitors, we have had visitors from the UK, the USA, Holland, Germany, South America, the Far East, the Middle East - and many more places besides.

Expo-Bible PanelThe exhibition takes visitors through the Bible, its history, its message and its contents. At the heart of the exhibition is the message of the Gospel, of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross to save sinners. It concludes with testimonies from those who have found new life in Christ, and recommendations that visitors should read the Bible for themselves in order to find out more about it and its contents and particularly about the one to whom the Bible points: the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to the nearly forty exhibition panels, there is also a display of Bibles in many different languages and from many periods of history.

Book StallThere are various display stands that offer visitors the chance to choose their own free leaflets and Gospels. There is also a book stall where visitors can buy from a range of Bibles and Christian books. One version of the Bible that we have available is described as "A Bible for the price of a cup of coffee" and it costs €1.50, which is about £1.25. There are also opportunities for team members to talk with visitors, to answer their questions, to explain aspects of the Christian faith, and to share their testimony.

English Worship Services

In addition to the exhibition itself, Normandy Vision in co-operation with the Eglise Evangélique d'Houlgate - Houlgate Evangelical Church - organise Sunday morning worship services in English for holiday-makers and tourists whose first or second language is English and who do not understand French sufficiently well to be able to attend the church's regular services on a Sunday morning.

Find out more about the English-language worship services.

Other Events during the Expo

During Expo-2014 we hope to have Pastor Ryan Powell and his family with us for part of the time. Ryan is an American missionary with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) currently based in Versailles. He has come to France to be involved in a Church planting ministry. He will be speaking at various meetings and events during his time at Expo-2014, talking about the Bible, the gospel, the Christian faith and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are also trying, as we have done in previous years, to organise other events and ministry to supplement the exhibition itself. More information on these events will be announced in due course.

Timetable for Expo-2014

Expo Bible 2012 Montage 1The team will be on site at Houlgate from Saturday, August 2nd through to Monday, August 25th.

Note, that as Monday, August 25th is a Bank Holiday in the UK, you may prefer to travel on the Tuesday, If this is the case, please contact Normandy Vision before making any arrangements to see if this is possible.

  • English-language Sunday morning worship services: August 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th.
  • Setting up the exhibition: Monday, August 4th and Tuesday, August 5th
  • Opening of the exhibition to visitors: Wednesday, August 6th
  • Last day of the exhibition: Wednesday, August 20th
  • Dismantling of the exhibition: Thursday, August 21st and Friday, August 22nd.

Team Requirements

Normandy Vision needs volunteers to come and join the team in 2014. The basic qualities needed for a team member are:

  • Committed evangelical Christians who are in full agreement with Normandy Vision's Statement of Faith and methodologies
  • Able to communicate in French to a level of general conversation
  • Able to talk about the Christian faith in French
  • Willing to spend at least a week in Houlgate during Expo-2014
  • Willing to pay for their own travel and living expenses during their stay
  • Not put off by less than luxury accommodation facilities, or are able to organise and pay for their own accommodation

In addition to helpers for the exhibition itself, we are looking for people to be involved in the Sunday morning worship services who are:

  • Able to provide musical accompaniment to the worship
  • Lead a service
  • Preach

Further Information

Expo Information Leaflet PDFA leaflet is available that gives more information about the Expo and about helping at it.

View a copy of the leaflet in PDF format.
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Expo-Bible 2014If you would like to volunteer to help at this summer's Expo-Bible in Houlgate then please visit our Expo-2014 Helpers page where you will find more information.

If you think that you are able to offer to help, please get in touch with Normandy Vision as soon as possible.

Application Form for Houlgate 2014

Application Form PDF

Show the Application Form for helpers at the Expo-Bible online in PDF format.
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If you have confirmed with our office that you are able to help out at this year's Expo-Bible in Houlgate, please print off a copy of the application form and post it to our office address:

Normandy Vision
13 Danbury Vale
United Kingdom

Houlgate Evangelical Church

Le Temple, Houlgate

The church right on the edge of the beach where the Bible Exhibition at Houlgate is held every year. More info about the church in Houlgate.

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