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The information on this website is a historical record, not current activity

French Christian Hymns and Songs

French Hymn Words

Words for hymns in FrenchThe words of some older hymns in French that are out of copyright are available on this site.

Finding French translations of English hymns and songs

LTC Asaph search for hymns and songsTranslations of many hymns and songs that were originally written in English can be found at the site of LTC Asaph.

French Christian Song- and Hymnbooks

Click on each image below to be taken to the website of CLC France and to the page where you can buy the songbook or hymnbook. Note that each book may be available in different covers, bindings etc. so you should browse what is available on their site to make sure you are purchasing the exact item that you want.

The books are available from other suppliers aswell.

The J'aime l'Eternel range of Christian songs

J'aime l'Eternel 1 J'aime l'Eternel 2 J'aime l'Eternel 3

J'aime l'Eternel 1

J'aime l'Eternel 2

J'aime l'Eternel 3

J'aime l'Eternel - Majesté J'aime l'Eternel - Hosanna

J'aime l'Eternel Majesté

J'aime l'Eternel Hosanna

The French Hymnbook: A Toi la gloire

A toi la gloire french hymnbookA Toi la gloire are the opening words of the hymn written in French that we know as "Thine be the glory risen, conquering Son". This French hymnbook contains 400 hymns and songs, some old, some new.

The French Hymnbook: Sur les Ailes de la Foi

A toi la gloire french hymnbookSur les Ailes de la Foi contains 655 Psalms and Hymns that have come out of the Evangelical heritage of France, with their origins in the Reformation and subsequent Revivals.

Music for French hymns and songs

musiqueMusic for the French hymn and song books titled «Les Ailes de la Foi» (The Wings of Faith) and «J'aime l'Eternel» (I love the Lord) are available online.

From the site at, which is in French, by clicking on this link French Songs you can download the music for all the hymns in the French Hymnbooks «Ailes de la Foi» (The Wings of Faith) and «A Toi la Gloire» (Thine Be the Glory) and all the songs and choruses in the French Song Books «J'aime l'Eternel» and «J'aime Kids».

The words of the songs are displayed on the web page, and there are also MP3 recordings and links to You-Tube for the songs too, together with guitar chords. You can also see the music score for the songs, but this needs that you have Noteworthy Composer installed on your computer - see below.

NoteWorthy Composer

More information can be found about this software at
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