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A Christian Mission working in Normandy, France

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Please Note: Normany Vision is no longer in operation

The information on this website is a historical record, not current activity

About Normandy Vision

Normandy Vision, formerly operating as the UK registered charity Normandy Vision UK Trust, was a Christian Mission that worked for a number of years in the region of Normandy in north-western France, working to take the gospel to the people of Normandy and to help build up the faith of Christians in that large region of north-west France.

In February 2015, the board of trustees of the UK charity Normandy Vision UK Trust decided to close the charity, but to keep the name Normandy Vision and this web site to provide historical and other information about the work of Normandy Vision throughout the years, about Christian work in Normandy and about the region of Normandy itself.

The web site will also provide information and links to other sites to keep visitors to this site up-to-date about other events and ministries working in Normandy.

Read an overview of Normandy Vision's history.

Normandy Location MapWhere is Normandy?

Normandy is situated in north-west France. It is about the same size as the whole of Belgium, or of the whole south-east of England, with a population of about 3.6 million.

Click on the map on your right to see a large view of the region.

Mission Houlgate 2016

Summer Ministry by Missions Vacances

Mission Houlgate 2016During the summer of 2016 Missions Vacances, who are part of United Beach Missions (UBM), will be holding two weeks of mission activity in the town of Houlgate, Normandy. The dates are from July 30th through to August 12th.

For more information about their work in Houlgate this summer, or how to become involved, contact Missions Vacances directly through the UBM office.

Mission Houlgate 2015

Mission Houlgate 2015During the summer of 2015 Normandy Vision joined together with Missions Vacances, who are part of United Beach Missions, to hold three weeks of mission activity in the town of Houlgate, Normandy.

Read the report on Mission Houlgate 2015, the combined Expo-Bible and Beach Misison, which took place in the town of Houlgate during August 2015.

To find out more about the Bible Exhibition and the Beach Mission, visit our Mission Houlgate 2015 Information page.

Latest NewsletterThe April 1st 2015 News Update Newsletter is available online giving information about Mission Houlgate 2015, incorporating the eighth annual Expo-Bible (Bible Exhibition) at Houlgate, and a beach mission with a team from Missions Vacances.

History of Bible Exhibitions at Houlgate

Expo-BibleMission Houlgate 2015 included the eighth annual Bible Exhibition that Normandy Vision held in Houlgate Evangelical Church which is situated right on the edge of the beach in the Normandy seaside resort town of Houlgate.

Find out more about the history of the Expo-Bible (Bible Exhibition) ministry that was held annually in Houlgate for several years.

Expo-Bible NewsFind out more about Normandy Vision's Expo-Bible ministry through the years at Houlgate.

Interview with Philip Loose

Listen to an interview with Philip LooseListen to an interview recorded by Radio Eden at the International Christian Resources Exhibition in S.W. London in May 2010, and broadcast over their satellite network in August and September 2010.

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If you would like to know more about the work that Normandy Vision has been involved with, or would like to know how to find a church when you visit Normandy, or want more information about other ministries and events in Normandy, then feel free to get in touch with us.

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