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French Evangelicals: A Dangerous Sect?

Nouvel Observateur front cover issue 2051 february 26 2004

In the French periodical le Nouvel Observateur, edition 2051 (February 26th 2004), there is an article that is titled: Evangelicals: The sect that want to conquer the world.

In the article, evangelicals are accused of being extremists, of being the puppets of the American president, and focused on implementing a policy of taking over the whole world by political and military means. The emphasis of the article is that "Evangelicals", who are treated as one unified denomination, are growing extremely fast throughout the world, and that they are a dangerous movement. Referring to a book by author Philip Jenkins titled "The Next Christendom" which is about "the evangelical phenomenon", the article says:

Taking note of the shift in the centre of gravity of Christianity from the West to the Third World, from the developed and liberal North to the poor and conservative South, [Philip Jenkins] fears a radical break between post-modern Christians and neo-Christians who have come back, with the aid of folklore beliefs, to the Church of the Middle Age. Worse still, these neo-Christians, prey to misery, to nationalistic, tribal and messianic passions, and who live in the middle of Catholics, Hindus or Muslims - in Peru, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, the Philippines - will not fall short of entering sooner or later into total war against their neighbours. The West will not escape it either..."
[Translation from Nouvel Observateur article]

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