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Group of photos showing views of Expo-Bible at Houlgate

Expo-Bible 2012, Houlgate

Wednesday August 8th 2012 to Wednesday August 22nd 2012

Houlgate locationThis year sees the fifth annual Bible Exhibition (Expo-Bible) held at the Eglise Evangélique d’Houlgate (Houlgate Evangelical Church). The previous years have seen over 2,500 visitors given the opportunity to discover the Bible for themselves and we expect around 500 visitors to the Expo again this summer.

Please note the change in the opening date from August 2nd.

The exhibition will take place in le Temple Protestant, home of the Eglise Evangélique de Houlgate which is located right on the edge of the beach in the popular holiday resort of Houlgate, which nestles on the coast a few miles to the east of the cross-channel ferry port of Ouistréham (Caen) and the D-Day landing beaches. It is just to the south of le Havre, the River Seine, Honfleur and Deauville.

The main exhibition panels are supplied by the French Christian organisation France Pour Christ, and supplemented with various other materials.

In addition, there will be Bibles, Gospels, Books, leaflets etc. that will help those who want to find out more about the Bible and its message. Some of these items will be available for visitors to buy. Others will be freely available for visitors to take away - leaflets and individual Gospels for example.

Aims of the Expo-Bible

  • To introduce people to the Bible and through that to present the gospel so that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, put their faith in him, and so be saved.
  • To encourage those who have a Christian faith to grow through reading and studying the Bible.
  • To show those who have a religious background their need for a living faith in a personal, real Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Find out more about the Expo-Bible

How can I be involved?

We need people to help out with the exhibition in various ways:

  • Praying for the exhibition, for the people helping to run it, for the visitors who come to see it, that they might be touched by the Bible's message, and discover the one to whom the Bible is pointing.
  • Coming over to Normandy to be personally involved for some or all of the time. There are plenty of tasks that need doing before, during and after the exhibition!
  • Helping with the costs associated with putting on the exhibition and providing all the materials needed.

More Information

PDF documentExpo-Bible 2012 Information LeafletFor further information you can view or print our Expo-Bible 2012 Information Leaflet. The leaflet prints on double-sided A5 paper, but can be printed with both pages on the same A4 sheet if preferred.

Expo-Bible Houlgate 2011

Information about last year's exhibition at Houlgate to help give you a flavour of the event.

Expo-Bible 2011 Video Overview

Watch a video overview of the Expo-Bible (Bible Exhibition) at Houlgate Evangelical Church in Normandy held during the summer of 2011.

View a video overview of Expo-Bible 2011 at HoulgateWatch the video overview of Expo-Bible Houlgate 2011

Expo-Bible 2011 Photo Gallery

Visit the gallery of photos from the 2011 Expo-Bible (Bible Exhibition) at Houlgate Evangelical Church in Normandy

View a video overview of the Expo-Bible at HoulgateVisit the photo gallery of Expo-Bible Houlgate 2011

Helpers Wanted

  • Are you an evangelical Christian with conversational French skills?

    Please read our Statement of Faith. It is a condition of being involved in activities organised by Normandy Vision that you are in agreement with our doctrinal position.

  • Do you have a concern for those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Do you want to share your faith with others?
  • Would you like to spend some time this summer serving the Lord right on the edge of a beach in Normandy?

If so, please get in touch with us at zzz if you would like more information about the exhibition and how you can be involved in it.

Further ways to get in touch with Normandy Vision can be found on the Contact Us page.


Houlgate is only a few miles from the cross-channel ferry terminal of Ouistréham (Caen), served by Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth. It may be possible to arrange a lift from Ouistréham to Houlgate but there is a bus service from the ferry terminal to the bus station in Caen, from where there is a regular bus service to Houlgate. Other ferries run from Portsmouth to Le Havre and a bus service runs from there to Caen via Houlgate.

For more information on cross-channel travel between the UK and France, visit our travel page.

SNCF timetable in EnglishHoulgate has a railway station that operates a daily service during the busiest part of the holiday season. If no trains to Houlgate are available, the nearest alternatives are Trouville-Deauville and Caen. SNCF Train Timetable (in English).

Bus Verts (Calvados) timetable in FrenchA regular bus service runs from the railway stations at Caen and Trouville-Deauville to Houlgate. See Bus Timetable (in French).

Where can I stay?

There will be some basic accommodation available in the flat that is a part of the church building at Houlgate. There will be a small charge to cover the cost of accommodation etc.

Other accomodation is available in the area, but bookings will need to be made as early as possible as it is a very popular summer-time holiday destination.

Houlgate logoInformation about Houlgate can be found on the town's official web site:

The website gives information about accomodation in the area, together with links to the Tourist Information office.

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